Off the Record – Linkin’ Park

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first!

In the last few weeks, the news of the lead singer Chester Bennington s suicide has left a generation heart broken and the genre of rock gain a massive hole in its heart. They are a band that inspired many, lead the way in regenerating a genre and made many fall in love with the genre. This weeks Off the Record is dedicated to the amazing voice of Chester and the legend of music he left behind. Today we talk about – Linkin’ Park 

By Myself – Hybrid Theory album

This song really shows the vocal chords of Chester and really shows you what he can do with his voice. This album spun a whole genre on its head and this song really defines what Hybrid Theory was all about – being different, standing out and being unique. This song was great as it is calm and melodic in the verses and then you are welcomed by the screeching vocal chords of Chester.

Cure For The Itch – Hybrid Theory album

This is one thing that made the whole of Hybrid Theory and a lot of Linkin’ Parks albums stand out – they had musical interludes. These musical interludes were not just songs that filled gaps, these pieces of music were stand alone and these make then stand out as they are so unique!

Pushing Me Away – Hybrid Theory Album 

This song to me was the original Numb and always makes me sad it was never a single or got the recognition it deserved. This song is the last track on the album and is very beautiful. Just like Numb, Chesters voice is really highlighted to its fullest potential and it really is a beautiful song.

Don’t Stay – Meteoria album 

This is the first official song on the second album from the group and the musical difference from the first album is present in this song. This has a fantastic guitar riff this song and Chesters voice brings a fantastic roughness to it. Such a great song and really reflects the wonder of the band and why everyone loved them at the time.

Nobodies Listening -Meteoria album 

This song is a very good album track as it does two things, it creates a strong second half to a fantastic album and secondly redefines and develops the genre that they were creating with their music. It’s got a great use of pipes throughout and is a very great album track.

The Little Things Give You Away – Minutes to Midnight album 

There was a lot of singles of this album so it’s hard to choose a lot of album tracks. This album track is yet again another song that really stood out and defined this band. It’s the last song on Minutes to Midnight and it is a song that is so complex on many levels. The song gradually builds and then the musical interlude at the end is beautiful and yet again it intertwined beautifully with Chesters voice.

When They Come For Me – A Thousand Suns album 

This is a song with a fantastic drum beat and an addictive melody throughout! It is very different to all other songs on this album and is a song that will become highly addictive and probably one of your favourites.

The Messenger – A Thousand Suns album 

This is the last song on the album and it is a very beautiful acoustic based song that is sung by Chester. It is such a lovely song and it’s very sad to hear now he has passed on.

In My Remains – Living Things album 

This is a very addictive song it has a very catchy melody to it and has a very addictive chorus. This song feels sad and haunting now that Chester has sadly passed away but it is a song not to be missed. Mikes singing at the end completes the fantastic entirety of this song.

Vicitimized – Living Things album 

This song is raw, it is heavy, it is a pure bliss to the ears. It has heavy drums, great guitar riffs and great calm verses with Mike singing and then a complete mess of words in the chorus by the wonderful shouting of Chester.

Keys to the Kingdom – The Hunting Party 

This song is a fantastic opener to an album as it’s heavy mixed with the amazing melodies of Linkin Park. It really does stand alone and is a great rock song.

One More Light – One More Light album

This song is off the most recent album and this song is worth a listen – it is a slower song and at a different pace to a lot of the other songs and the lyrics feel very sad but its a beautiful song.


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Rest in Peace, Chester Bennington.

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