Funny at the Fringe – Joe Lycett and Friends

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Welcome  to this years dose of all things Edinburgh Fringe! Last year we delved into the world of all genres of comedy performing at Fringe however this year we are going to take it back to basics. This year we are going to take a look at some of the best stand up shows happening at the Edinburgh Fringe and what ones you should spend your good money on to get a loads of laughter in your time there. Today we look at a comedian that is doing a one off special to raise money for the Buzz Project charity – Joe Lycett. 

Location: New Town Theatre (Venue 7)

Date:  Aug 17

Time: 19:20

Price:  sold out

About: Joe Lycett returns to the Fringe this year with a one off show all in favour of the charity The Buzz Project. The charity raises money and funds to support young people in the Scottish Highlands. Join the much loved comedian and a bunch of his comedic friend as they put on a show to dazzle you with laughter and to rate money at the same time. Apparently the tickets are sold out but keep an eye on the page as you never know!


Buy Tickets:






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