Off the Record – New Politics

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first! This week we talk about – New Politics 

Nuclear War – New Politics album

This song is so catchy that it is one of those tunes that you question as to why it wasn’t a single. It has a great style of shouting throughout and a great bridge before the chorus and the catch “oh ohs”.  A really great track song and a song you really need to listen to, to get inside the world of the New Politics.

Love Is a Drug – New Politics album

This song has a very catchy drum beat and really shows the greatness of their drummer, it is catchy and has a fantastic riff on the chorus. It is one of those songs you never get bored of. Just like a lot of the New Politics, it has a lot of rapping throughout.

Goodbye Copenhagen – A Bad Girl In Harlem

The one thing that is great about this band is that they don’t forget their roots of Denmark and its great to see in their album art and their music that they dedicate music to their country of origin. This song is a a great rock music song whilst also being a sort of love note to their roots.

Just Like Me – A Bad Girl In Harlem

This song is another great rock tune and has some fantastic drumming throughout as well as a rock style screech in the way the guys sing / talk the lyrics. It has a great musical interlude between the chorus and verses and is one of those songs you have to check out when listening to New Politics.

50 Feet Tall – Vikings

This is a very catchy song with a great rhythm throughout and the lyrics sort of intertwine the mischievous with the music. Its a great song and has a fantastic build up to the chorus and it is a song that will become a firm favourite if you listen to this album as it has a lot of unique musical styles with it.

Pretend We’re In A Movie – Vikings

A sort of love song with the hint of rock that make the New Politics as great as they are. It has a great chorus, fantastic lyrics and that undertone of electronica that makes this band so unique in their genre.

And Finally we have to talk about:

I don’t usually write an extra thing about a band but when judging whether you listen of see this band live there is one thing you truly have to appreciate and that is the break dancing that the guys intertwine into their live shows. Again its a way to promote their routes, but again it makes them a unique and fantastic group.


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