What oh what do we, have in store for year number 3!

So another birthday is ending and a new year is beginning and we hope that year 3 is set to be our biggest one yet!

On the next year we hope to have some new features along the way and a lot more feature based articles!

Our aim for year three is to write much more comedy articles and to increase both your knowledge and our expansion in the area.

We will continue to also write travel articles too as we have a lot of interest in them and they are fun to write!

Just to think this time next year our Question  Roulette feature would me nearly at the end of the long road and that will be a fascinating achievement!

We hope in the next year you will continue to enjoy our journey as a blog as we continue as Holly, Senseii Jarvis and C3Something!

Thank you all for reading and following our blog so far and here’s to year number three being a great a good one for us all!

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