The Games That Time Forgot – The Neverhood, PlayStation 1

Re-inventing the game is somethhing that has been happening for years and by that I do not mean the consoles every changing, I mean the actual style and format of games. There is so much competition in the market and sometimes going in a completely direction to everyone else can lead to a really high success rate. Today we look at a game that was very different to any other game that was availble at that time in the nineties as it was made completely out of claymotion – The Neverhood.

The game Neverhood was a point and click adventure game that was released in 1996 on the Plastation and Microsoft Windows. It was developed by The Neverhood Inc, Published by Dreamworks Interactive and Distributed by Electronic Arts. The story of the game followed a character called Klaymen as he explores the world of Neverhood as he tries and find out about his origins and what his purpose is on this unique world. What make this world so unique is that it is entirely made out of clay – and when I say that I don’t mean as a concept I mean that all the sets were built in their entirity in a real studio.

The aim of the game as to solve lots of different puzzles that help you advance through the game. Along the way you meet a number of different characters such as Willie Trombone, Klogg and many creatures such as weasels. The game is based on clicking around the locations to try and push the game forward and the decisions that you make in the story depend on what happens throughuout the game.

The game received very positive reviews when it came out with an average of 87% from the crittics. It was also ratd by an independent critic that it was ranked as one of the top 5 games of all time. The game went on and sold only 42,000 copies however 600,000 OEM copies were purchased by Gateway and pre-installed onto their computers. In 1997, it won the award for Artistic Achievement from Computer Gaming World.

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