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Forgotten Pop! This Week – Madasun

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 20.47.45There is a girl group that was around in the late nineties to early noughties that had some chart success and that group was Madasun.

The group was made up of Vicky Barrett, Abby Norman and Abigail Norman and they formed in 1997. They were signed to the record label V2 and their first single was Don’t You Worry which was released in early 2000 and charted at number 14 in the UK. They went on to have other singles such as “Walking on Water” which charted at number 14 and also Feel Good which charted at number 29 in the UK.

They released an album called The Way It Is in September of 2000. In January of 2001, the girl group were dropped from their record label due to low sales.

Don’t You Worry

Walking On Water

Feel Good

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