There is a game that was made for Microsoft Windows that is considered to be one of the worst games ever produced and was shockingly created in only 2 weeks which may explain the reviews it ended up getting! Today we look at the game Extreme Paintbrawl.

Extreme Paintbrawl was released in 1998 and was developed by Creative Carnage and published by Head Games. The aim of the game was to play games of Paintball but instead of just jumping in to a game there were three modes in which the player could choose from – Season Mode, Single Game or Practice. In the Season Mode it wasn’t just about playing the game you also got to manage a team of recruits through the entire paintball season. The player has the option to hire and fire recruits as many times as they please. When it did get to the paintball matches it was all about capturing the flag to score a point.

The game received a lot of negative reviews – it was mainly criticised for its lack of game modes, and that it did not resemble an actual paintball field. The game had a lot of bugs and would see team members getting caught in doors and walls.