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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Babybird

Today we look at a band that had a lot of popularity in the nineties with a catchy little song called ‘You’re Gorgeous’ and were around for five years. They did reunite for a while from 2005 – 2013 but we are going to focus on their first time around. Today we look at Babybird.

The band formed in 1995 and was formed of Stephen Jones, Huw Chadbourn, Robert Gregory, John Pedder and Luke Scott. Stephen begun writing songs and recording demos as part of an experimental theatre group in Nottingham. He released a lot of these under a demo album called I was Born a Man. He then hired the other members so that he could promote his work under the name of Babybird.

The group became signed to Echo Records and their first commercial single release was Goodnight and became a minor hit in the UK Singles Chart. The second single was the one that lead to a commercial success for the band. The song You’re Gorgeous was released in October 1996 and reached number 3 in the UK charts and became one of the biggest selling singles of the year as it also went on to chart worldwide. It was one of the only songs that really lead to them being a known face.

After the success of You’re Gorgeous they released two more singles Candy Girl and Cornershop. In 1998 the group returned with a new album without the keyboardist Huw Chadbourn. The album did ok in the charts and had a few minor singles including Bad Old Man, You’ll Be Mine and Back Together.

Their third album in 2000 was released under the name Bugged and received poor record sales and they were dropped by their label due to this and the band split up. In later years Jones went on to release further music as a solo artist. They tried to reformed in the 2009 but ended in 2013.  So lets spend this afternoon looking at some of their back catalogue.

You’re Gorgeous 

Candy Girl


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