April Fools Barnsley Comedy Fest

If you are looking for a comedy festival that is set to make you laugh out loud during the month of April then look no further as April Fools Barnsley Comedy Fest is just around the corner! The festival is only a year old but already has a fantastic line up even though its only running into its second year and you would be a fool to miss it!

The shows are going to be based at many different venues around Barnsley including The Civic, Che Bar, Jock’s Cavern and The Cooper Gallery.The whole event kicks off on the funniest ady of the month, April Fools with two shows that the whole family may be interested in.

Comedy Club 4 Kids
 The Civic
When: 2pm
Price: 8 for adults, 6 for concessions, 5 for children
About: If you are looking for an opening show that is fun for all the family then this is an event that you cannot miss. The show is specifically aimed for children over the age of 6 years and is set to have some of the best names from the UK comedy circuit participating.

April Fools Comedy Festival Launch
 Cooper Gallery
When: 8pm
Price: 10
About: The Launch of this festival is set to be a big one and is set to make you laugh out loud and your ribs tickle. This years launch show has a vast array of comedians with Howard Read, Andrew O’Neill and Tieran Douieb leading the way in the humour

As well as the openign night there are a whole bunch of other comedians performing throughout the month, some of them are Edinburgh Fringe Previews (such as Sophie Willian, Bobby Mair and Andrew Hubert) and others are full shows and variety shows that ar bound to make you giggle all the way into May. Here are a few stand out shows from the festival.

Richard Herring
 The Civic
When: 19/4/17, 8pm
Price: 15
About: One of the headline acts for this years festival, the legend arrives at the festival this year with a how called The Best. This show is set to make you laugh as he delves into his favourite jokes and routines from his whopping 12 one man shows that he has had over the years. This show will be great for people who are fans of the comis and also for new ones who want to see the comedian at his best!

Dillie Keane
 The Civic
When: 20/4/17, 7:30pm
Price: 19.50
About: .Another one of the festivals headliners, Dillie Keane returns to the stage to bring you her first solo show she has had in quite a long time. If you are looking for a show that is all about music, with new and old favourites then this is the show fo you. When she is not charming you with her songs about love she will shocking you with her songs about discgraceful filth. One not to be missed.

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