The Travel Book – The Organic Cafe, Fuengirola, Spain

If find yourself in the very touristy area of the Costa Del Sol, you may be in the need to find somewhere to eat that isn’t full of fast food, frozen food or something that tastes fresh. If that is the case then this is a cafe you really need to look out for. Situated near the coast near the harbour, The Organic Cafe is on the corner of one of the many roads that lead to the town centre.

Unlike most restaurants near by, the cafe is Vegan, but don’t let this put you off meat lovers, as it does offer meat options for some of its mains. The establishment is clean and modern looking with friendly staff that welcome you as you enter the cafe. The design is unique and different and really provides a warm welcome.

The menu is varied and offers some really nice options such as pizzas, salads, some unique takes on classic pasta dishes, curry and so much more. All the food tastes Fresh and delicious and is also a healthy option to those who are wanting something more in this direction or a change. The drinks on offer are varied and also are either organic or made in the cafe such as homemade lemonade with strawberry mint and lime which really hits the spot of refreshing on a hot day.

The prices of the food and drinks on offer are reasonable and really are worth the quality of product that you are offered.

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