Comedy Clicks USA Edition – 3rd Rock From the Sun

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.
Today we will be looking at a sitcom that had loads of schedule changes in the time it was on air – 3rd Rock From The Sun


Opening Titles / Theme Tune

About the Show

Summary of Plot

A group of aliens are sent to Earth, disguised as a human family, to experience and report life on the 3rd planet from the sun.- IMDb

Number of Seasons / Episodes

6 seasons


John Lithgow – Dr Dick Solomon

Jane Curtin – Dr Mary Albright

Kristen Johnston – Sally Solomon

French Stewart – Harry Solomon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Tommy Solomon



+ During its five-year run on primetime, the show underwent more than 15 time-slot changes.

+ The three main male characters’ names are Tom, Dick and Harry. “Tom, Dick and Harry” is a phrase used as a synonym for “everyone” or when referring to “a set of nobodies; a persons of no note” (from “Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable”). “Tom, Dick or Harry” is no specific person but could be any random person.

+ The Big Giant Head first was leader of the galaxy later that became the whole universe.

+ Cancelled on 8 April 2001 due to falling viewing figures in its final season

+ In the first episode, the Solomons enter their attic apartment from a door off the living room. Later in the series, this door actually leads to Dick’s bedroom and the entrance to the attic changes to a set of stairs leading down from the same living room.

+ Joseph Gordon-Levitt first worked with Carsey-Werner in four episodes of “Roseanne” as one of D.J.’s friends.
Classic Clips

Clip of Harry

Why Vote

Baby Spit


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