Forgotten songs of 2016

As we say farewell to the year of 2016 we also say goodbye to songs that after this year will more then likely be forgotten. Some created a trend, some were comeback singles, some were just plain awful and some were not even given a fair chance. However, when we look back at the year of 2016 there will be songs that will just not be remembered and will go into the locker of the 2016 world of forgotten songs. So here is an article to pay respect to songs that after this year we may not even remember again unless they randomly pop up on the radio when a DJ is having a funny five minutes.

40 oz. Dream – Good Charlotte

Whilst this wasn’t a bad song, it is also one of the least memorable songs that Good Charlotte have done as a band. This was released as part of the first album the band had released in 6 years.

Peace of Mind – The Killers

This song was released with the tenth anniversary of ten years since the release of the album Sams Town. Whilst it may not of been an official release it is not one of the catchiest Killers songs around

Vowels – Capitol Cities

Back in 2011 this group released the ever catchy single Safe and Sound which also had a really clever and original video. However, the single Vowels that was released this year has seemed to not capture the imagination like their prior singles and only charted in the US alternative chart at number 29. The video however is still worth a watch as its still pretty clever.

No – Meghan Trainer

One of the worst songs to be released this year, the music, the talking, the dancing even the video was wrong and even caught the publics eye when it was announced that the whole video was photoshopped and edited without Meghans permission. The video went to number 4 in the USA charts but its safe to say it will not be remembered a year form now.

PPAP – Pikotaro

This was a music video that was uploaded onto Youtube this year and went viral because of its crazy catchy song and rhythm and was the 2016 Gangman Style. In November it was recorded that it had been viewed over 95 million times. The single reached number 1 in the Japan Hot 100 Billboard chart. I think though, its safe to say in a years time there will be another silly viral song that would of replaced this song and made us all forget about Pineapple Pens



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