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A Little Thing Called Travel – Working Abroad

Everyone loves the idea of traveling and working abroad, the sun, the sea and sand, but everyone forgets that it is just as much, or even more hard work then a job if you were staying in your own country on your own soil.

I have worked abroad a couple of times and whilst it is hard work it can be really fun. My ambition is to one day work in America for a couple of years in the television industry over there. I have interest in revisiting New York and working there again (more about that in a minute) but i love Chicago and have been there a few times and can really imagine moving there and living there (even more so since i found out this years its where improv is from too).


Here is a few stories about working abroad to give you an insight into the world of work and travel.

New York City 


This was some of the best 3 months of my life – whilst it was hard work it was rewarding and so much fun. I took a job at a day camp in New York City teaching children between the ages of 7 to 17 how to create animations, websites and graphic design. It was an amazing experience and quite fascinating to see how much you can teach a kid in such a short period of time and their final work was pretty amazing for only a week of training. In between the lessons we would also play a variety of games with the kids to keep them entertained. On top of all of this i would make weekly videos for the showcase on the Friday to show the parents what the children had been up to that week.



I went to cannes recently with my job to the biggest television festival in europe to film some of the biggest talent that was there launching new television shows. Whilst it was really full on and hard work it was fun to meet some interesting people such as actors, directors and producers as well as also meeting other people in the industry.

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