Welcome to a brand new feature for the season of Christmas! Well, I say a brand new feature, it’s more of an extension of our regular feature Forgotten Pop! 

For the 25 days of Christmas we are going to do a run down of some of the forgotten Christmas songs. Some you will remember, some you may never heard of and others even won a Grammy! So let’s start with a fellow I am sure a lot you know and a song that became number 1 at Christmas beating Westlife and Eminem to the top spot, Bob the Builder.

The song Can We Fix it was the theme song of the children’s television show Bob The Builder. In 2000 it made an appearance in the charts and beat Westlifes “what makes a man” to the top spot. Can We Fix It was the biggest selling single of the year in the UK appearing 80th in the all time U.K. Best sellers list. 

Despite being voted 42nd in the 100 worst singles of all time in a channel 4 show, the song sold over 1 million copies in the U.K.