The Music guide – Evanescence

Tomorrow a new album is set to be released by the leading lady of the band, Evanescence, however it is not the type of music you would expect. It is in fact an album for children. The new album called Dream Too Much was inspired by her 2 year old son, Lee and she wrote a bunch of original songs as well as covers of childrens classics to help children fall asleep to.

So to celebrate Amy Lees new adventure into a different genre of music. Lets have a look at her career with the emo band Evanescence. The band was founded in 1995 in Arkansas. In their whole career the album Fallen sold more then 17 million copies worldwide and also lead to the band winning two Grammy Awards.

They have had three albums altogether including The Open Door and Evanescence. In an interview in 2015 Amy said they would tour in 2016 however they would not be focussing on a new album and looking at her solo album instead. So here is a bunch of songs from the band to get you rocking out this afternoon.

Bring Me To Life

My Immortal 

Going Under

Call Me When You’re Sober

Everybody’s Fool

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