Carleen Macdermid And Keith Malda – Improv London Podcast

Each week I’ll be giving you the story behind the latest episode of the Improv London podcast. Each episode is self-contained, so you don’t have to start at episode 1, though I would be delighted if you felt inclined to do so. Improv London is for anyone interested in improv, and if you like London too, then that’s a bonus.

I met Carleen and Keith at the old Nursery building to record the episode, just before Carleen was due to teach her weekly C3? Drop-In. I don’t get along as often as I’d like, but I always enjoy Carleen’s classes when I do make it. I’m not sure why, but her weekly C3? Drop-In is often the starting place for people’s journey into the world of improv in London. And the class is pleasingly multi-national.

I digress…

I’ve interviewed Carleen before. Do take a listen because she is always entertaining and informative company. In Episode 8 of the Improv London podcast she talked about her weekly C3? Drop-In, as well as the groups with which she’s involved including C3?, Genre Claude Van Damme and The Rebranding.

Back to the present day…

I first remember meeting Keith at the Wednesday night Maydays Improv Drop-Ins, run by The Nursery’s Jules Munns. I’ve been meaning to get Keith on the podcast for a long time, and I’d like him to return soon, so we can explore his personal improv journey. In the mean time, you can hear him talk about his life outside improv on the Ed & Friends podcast.

In the latest episode of the Improv London podcast we looked forward to this year’s Slapdash festival. We talked about what we loved about last year’s festival. Then Carleen and Keith enthused about the classes and shows that were taking place this year.

Finally, Carleen and Keith talked about some of the improv nights, with which they are involved, including:

  • The Drop-In,
  • Dinner and a Movie,
  • The Improv 5-A-Side.

You can listen here:

NEXT  WEEK: Alastair Thomas and Anna Caro, of City Impro.

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