Comedy Clicks USA Edition – The Big Bang Theory

This week we introduced you to a brand new feature all about televisions you know, love or maybe not of heard of. On Wednesdays, we will be posting articles about UK Comedies and on Fridays we will be going over the ocean to explore USA sitcoms more in depth!

Just like the UK, there are so many fantastic comedy based shows in America and some of them are complete and utter gold that has developed the industry into what it is today. We will be looking at the hits, the misses, the classics and the forgotten. Each show we will be looking at their theme tunes, the initial idea behind the show, any behind the scene secrets  / facts and even looking at some of the best parts of episodes as well that made them comedy classics.

This feature is aimed to make you either fall back in love with one of your favourite shows, discover a new one you never knew existed of just to enjoy on your lunch time / time you have a spare five minutes.

The first up on our American Comedy list is a show that is so popular it is about to go into its TENTH season with rumours it could be its last and that show is –  The Big Bang Theory 


Opening Titles / Theme Tune

History of Everything by the Bare naked Ladies. The song describes the history and formation of the universe. The band was asked to write the theme tune when the producers attended one of the bands concerts in LA and by coincidence the lead singer Ed Robertson had just read the book Big Bang by Simon Singh and at the concert did an improvised rap about the origins of the universe. After hearing this they asked him to write the theme song.


About the Show

Summary of Plot 

A woman who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory. – IMDB 

Number of Seasons / Episodes 

9 seasons going into its tenth this autumn.


Leonard Hofstadter – Johnny Galecki

Sheldon Cooper – Jim Parsons

Penny – Kaley Cuco

Howard Wolowitz – Simon Helberg

Raj Koothrappali – Kunal Nayyar

Bernadette Rostenkowski – Melissa Rauch

Amy Farrah Fowler – Mayim Bialik


+Most of the time, Leonard ha no lenses in his glasses

+Mayim Bialik is the only cast member to have a PHD

+ The two main characters are names after the late Television Producer, Sheldon Leonard

+ The actors have actually learnt to play the instruments they are seen playing in the show (Sheldon plays the Theremin and recorder, Leonard plays the Cello, Amy the harp)

+ Howard’s house also appeared in the television show Everybody Loves Raymond

+ The original title of the show was ‘Lenny, Penny and Kenny.’

+ It is banned in China because of it’s ‘Offensive content’


A Few Classic clips 



Soft Kitty


Howards Song

Rajs Date with Siri


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