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Forgotten Pop! This Week – Boom!

Hello! This week is another two part special as we are delving into the back cupboards of the forgotten pop filing cabinet to bring you two more bands that have very limited information about them available in the big bad world of the inter web. The first band up today is a group where a member of Hearsay was first thrown into the pop music world and that band is called Boom!

They only ever had one single in the United Kingdom and that was a song called ‘Falling’ that was released in January in 2001 and reached number 11 in the charts. The band was made up of members Johnny Shentall, Rachael Carr, Shakti Edwards, Vicky Palmer, Nick Donaghy and Shaun Angel.

Johnny went on to be the replacement for Kym Marsh when she left Hear’say in 2002. So enjoy their only single that they had – Falling


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