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Forgotten Pop! This Week – 3SL

Welcome to our second half of Forgetten Pop! for today where we are delving into the deep dark depths of bands that were not that successful and had hardly any singles released in the time they were in the music industry. In our second article of today we look at a band that was made up of the three brothers of Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps – 3SL

The name of the band was obviously the initials of their surname with the number 3 to connote how many of them there was they were active only in the year 2002 (although for me it feels a lot longer as they were a band that were always filling up good pages in Smash Hits Magazine etc) Their first single, Take it Easy reached only number 11 in the charts and their second single Touch Me, Tease Me got to only number 16.  The band were dropped by their record label, Sony, before they even released their debut album. So in our last artivle of Forgotten Pop! for the day, lets take in all the music of the 3 Scott-Lee brothers.

 Take It Easy

Touch Me, Tease Me


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