It’s all about the Number 1…

So today we turn 1 year old hooray! Its great to think that we have come this far, so to be a bit silly and to celebrate our first birthday as a blog here are some great songs that have the name One in the title and the reasons why we chose them for this birthday special feature!

I’m Number One – Constantine and Ricky Gervais 

Out of all the songs with the Number 1 in the title, this is by far one of the most jolly and most fun one to watch and listen to. Part of the soundtrack for the Muppets Most Wanted this song is the first time that we see the evil frog for what he is. The thing that makes this song fantastic is Ricky Gervais and the fact he is dancing with a Muppet just makes this amazing.

No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age

I chose to put this song on the list because it is a catchy and great little rock song. It is one of those songs that gets into your head with its catchy guitar riffs and song. In regardless to what the lyrics are saying – its actually just a really uplifting song and a great one for a summers day.

One Week – Barenaked Ladies 

This is a very cheeful song and no matter how many times I hear it, it will always remind me of American Pie as that was the first time I heard it. However, it has some really silly lyrics meaning that it can be quite a cheerful and fantastic song to listen to.

One Love – Marianas Trench

This week our feature called A Little Thing Called Stories was all about the songwriting techniques of Marianas Trench, so it’s only right we add them to the list.

One Love – Blue

From one sad song with the title One Love to a band that actually meant it in more cheerful terms. I felt it wsa only right to add boyband blue as we have started our new feature all about pop music. However for me they will never be forgotton as they were my favourite band as a kid and had over 200 posters of them on my wall….

One Good Reason – Blink 182

As I have mentioned time and time again on this blog, i am a huge Blink-182 fan and its only right that we add a song to the list that they had with the number one in the title although its not one of my favourite songs of theirs but it does remind me of being a kid and listening to this album on cassette on the journey home from school and having to turn over as the tape ran out halfway through this song.

Just One Yesterday – Fall out Boy

It is only right that we mention this group in the list as this blog is named after lyrics from the chorus of their song The Phoenix. I quite like this song and really like the fact they used Foxes to sing on it as well.




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