Panic! AT The Disco – Death Of a Bachelor album review

It’s Panic At The Disco new album day which only means one thing, the questions arise as to what style it will be in this time. The band and lets be honest, the only real member left, Brendan Urie, always try and reinvent a genre or try a new style out with every time they come back into the limelight and for a band this unique it really works.

Whether you are a fan of the band or not, if you type Brendan Uries name into Youtube you will see that this is a man of many vocal talents from singing slow and ballad like to full on heavy metal screeching, so to me, it is always an exciting adventure when the new album is released to see what style they have gone for this time to challenge both the boundaries of the genre and to test the limits of Brendans voice.

In many interviews this time around Brendan has been mentioning the artist Frank Sinatra a lot so was intrigued to see what this new album will be like and just how a band that predominantly base their music on a rock style theme would incorporate the influences of Frank Sinatra and the big band style and this album does not fail in expectations.

There is a strong and great balance between the rock side of the album to the big band style of the album as well. Compared to other albums (and i suppose with the title f the album being called Death of a Bachelor) it feels like a more mature sound, whether thats meant to a metaphorical sense of not it really has that atmosphere to it. Whenever I listen to a Panic! album i can create a theme in my head and a sort of story that the albums follow along with. For example, A Fever You Can’t Sweat out to me will always be the emo, unusual album where its set in a weird world of eyeliner and mystery, Pretty. Odd. to me comes across as their ‘hipster’ time and Too Weird To Live, To Rare To Die comes across as a daring world of sexuality and love.

When I think of this album, I see a world of black and white – not in a bad way but in a fantastic way. It feels like its is an album of reminiscing and the transition into the next stage of life / maturity. If you compare it to the other Panic! Albums I think it holds up really well, there are some really strong songs and fits in nicely to their next step in the musical world. I am not sure if its my favourite album as I was blown away by Too Weird to Live for its uniqueness, but it for me is definately up there in the top three.

Best Songs on the Album

Emperors New Clothes

This song is purely magical, to me this song had the same effect on me that This is Gospel had on me the first time i heard it – amazement. It is so unique that it really does stand out on its own on the album and also has a fantastic video to match.

Impossible Year

If you want to hear the Frank Sinatra coming out then this really is the song you should listen to. It is  a great little song and will make you smile. Its like Brendans own My way, its got a beautiful piano melody and everything you wanted to come out of this album.

Golden Days

If you want a song where Brendan reaches those high notes he is very well known for then I really recommend listening to this song as he does it magnificently.

Death Of a Bachelor 

Again a very Frank Sinatra based song but the style goes very well with the way it has been remixed, for all those who don’t believe the big band style could work in a new way.

With albums likes this coming out of the Panic! At The Disco arena, I am very excited and intrigued to see what the guys have in store for us next.



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