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Take the right path!

Yes, here in the blog we’re still in October and John Timothy just got to town! John is currently a member of UCB Theatre’s improv team The Curfew and among his previous teams you can find Sandino, where he played with Alan Starzinski – our subject from last […]

Thank You!

We’d like to take a break from keeping you up to date with all the great classes we’ve been lucky to be able to bring you, to thank everyone involved in all the shows we ran during the year. There were many, many shows – our weekly Sunday […]

Voicing Your Reason

We’re back to my favourite week of the year! This week I’ll talk about the philosophy Will Hines centred his classes around during his week in London back in September. Looking at everything you do in improv with the Voice of Reason/Unusual Person dichotomy in mind is super […]

Keep it Simple!

We’ve arrived to what was probably the best week of my year! Maybe not in general, but almost definitely in my comedic life. I’d have to exclude moments like co-creating a whole women’s team, co-creating a show I’m super proud of, writing and performing stand-up for the first […]

Observing Your Environment

Rounding these classes up and figuring out what I took from each class and each teacher is proving to be way more useful than I originally thought it would when I first suggested doing it! Next up is Rick Andrews, head instructor from the Magnet Theatre in New […]