C3Sundays are back in 2018! Sunday 7th January holds great things!
The first improv show of the year and the first chance to jam, in an extended jam to boot! We’re calling it the show of the week!

Full disclosure, we haven’t fully investigated the validity of this statement, but we’re fully behind it!

In addition to your own stage time, you’ll have an awesome treat as we’ll have Zack Willis playing with us. Zack Willis has been performing at UCB Theatre since 2011. He currently performs on Saturday nights with his team, Women & Men. He also performs regularly with Rumpleteaser, UCB’s musical improv team. This Sunday, he’s performing with C3? at The Horse & Stables.

You’ll also be able to see 20% Less who we’re sure you’re missing tonnes after the break!

The Horse & Stables SE1 7RW 7PM

Check out the Facebook event here with all the updates!