Yes you read that correctly above – you can use dance moves to create warm up games to get used to making scenes. This was a technique that I was taught by Shem part of C3? and it is something that makes scene work very different and lots of fun!

You start off the dance improv by playing a fun little warm up game to get you in the mood to do scene work. The idea is that someone goes into the middle of the circle and does a random dance move and then everyone else on the outside starts copying that move and then someone would stand opposite that person and then change the dance move to what they wanted to do and the pattern continues until everyone has done a move.

Now, once you have done the warm up part it is then down to the main event! Now remember the dance moves that you did in the warm up game? Well, these are just about to come in handy! Time to use those dance moves within a scene!

The idea is to start the scene with any of the dance moves that you personally liked from the last game and by doing this you then see what happens. The idea is to start with a random dance move and then try to not associate the scene with that move and not to think of it.

It is an interesting way to approach a scene and can produce some great outcomes and different to something that you may of already of thought of.  That is why I adore being taught by Shem – you always learn something new and unique.