Thank You!

We’d like to take a break from keeping you up to date with all the great classes we’ve been lucky to be able to bring you, to thank everyone involved in all the shows we ran during the year.

There were many, many shows – our weekly Sunday show at The Horse and Stables and the Improv 5-a-side at Hoopla at The Miller, putting it on the many dozens. What does that mean? – We can’t properly thank every single person who played. There were close to 100 teams playing and many, many guests and we’re saving the late night shows for another post!

We´d like to specially mention some exciting moments. We had actual pets on stage when PetProv had a dog improvising with humans and…it actually worked! One of the best moments of the year was when Kemah Bob’s grandmother came to visit from America and we had them improvising together. If you’ve been lucky enough to see Kemah perform, you know how funny she is…her nan managed to be as funny or more on her first time on stage, outing the rest of us to shame!

We´d like to give a special shout out to the teams who felt comfortable enough to pick our night to make their debut, as we work to be a welcoming stage! Nu Z Land, Puns of Anarchy, T-Minus, Mother’s Day, Hugh & Mates, 15 Minutes of Uncertainty, Yank the Canuck, among some one offs that have since gone into different formats, all trusted us with their first time!

Last, but not least, we’d like to leave a specially mention to our House Teams – 20% Less, Talking Dog, ABOB and One With One Without.

It was a great year with all of you and we want to keep working with all of you and many more in 2018! May it be an even better one!

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