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USA in London

We had a truly great show last night! Playing with Keith Horvath was a lot of fun and we’ll be enjoying his sold out sketch writing class in just little bit. Our guest teams The Die Hards and The Yayas brought a few laughs and we were delighted […]

We’re all storytellers

We’ve had such an amazing time at last night’s show! The Storytelling Jam proved to be a great concept and one we’ll be sure to repeat! This week’s Tuesday Drop-in will not be taught by anyone. Yes, that’s right, there’s no Drop-in class on the 12th September. But […]

Weekend lessons

This weekend we were lucky enough to have Moujan Zolfaghari visiting from the US. She joined us in our Sunday show and imprinted some of her experience on us. We were reminded how important point of view and beliefs are for our character in scenes. It’s all made […]

Teacher Overload

September will be a very exciting month for C3?. One of our aims is to offer you the opportunity to study with talented teachers and performers you wouldn’t have access to easily without travelling and thus spending a tonne of money. And we went all in in September! […]

Big Characters

Our Sunday was once again gifted with a great JAM. We’ve tried a social experiment and it was great! The Myers-Briggs personality test is not without controversy, but it’s certainly a good starting point to create teams for a jam, as the laughing crowd proved. The audience went […]

Keeping August alive

Our Sundays are always great, but yesterday was a special one. With most improv nights in London on break for the Summer, we’ve decided to work even harder than usual and offer everyone a place to play. We held a Super Jam where everyone was welcome on stage […]

Guest Teachers

Yes, you read right! Guest teachers, plural! Keith Horvath has taught improv and sketch at Columbia College Chicago and is one of about 70 worldwide alumni of The Second City Directing program, and a former Class Administrator and director at The Annoyance. He’s coming to London to teach […]

Improv Skills

Tuesday drop in is on tomorrow with Liam Brennan! You love Lord Of The Rings & Game of Thrones and want to create similarly fantastical worlds on stage? Using the unlimited budget improv scenes provide you, you can! With a rich base reality created, inspiration will come naturally […]