Teacher Overload

September will be a very exciting month for C3?.

One of our aims is to offer you the opportunity to study with talented teachers and performers you wouldn’t have access to easily without travelling and thus spending a tonne of money. And we went all in in September! Every month till the end of the year has exciting things in store for you.

September will see Keith Horvath, Will Hines and Connor Ratliff loitering around in London and all of them have reserved some time to share their knowledge with you. There may even be one more!

This Tuesday is the last day of August and Carleen Macdermid will be teaching our skill focused Tuesday drop-in. Don’t miss it because in September you may have a hard time catching her!
Let’s work on emotion and find out the difference between Emojis and real Emotion.
Join us, you’ll love it. smiley face hearts for eyes

Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm, £12
The Nursery, Capital House, Weston Street, London Bridge, SE1 3QD
Reserve places here: http://c3something.com/#improv-drop-ins or just come along!

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