Improv Skills

Tuesday drop in is on tomorrow with Liam Brennan!
You love Lord Of The Rings & Game of Thrones and want to create similarly fantastical worlds on stage? Using the unlimited budget improv scenes provide you, you can!
With a rich base reality created, inspiration will come naturally and you’ll be able to catch your audience’s imagination. Come develop your core skills in base reality to build consistent, detailed and fun worlds to set your scenes.

Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm, £12
The Nursery, Capital House, Weston Street, London Bridge, SE1 3QD
Reserve places here: http://c3something.com/#improv-drop-ins or just come along!

Our Wednesday Drop-In is on hiatus, but we don’t want you to find yourself with too much free time on your hands! Why not try a new podcast?
We recommend Improv, Beat by Beat! It’s a great new podcast, focused on the UCB New York scene but with lessons applicable to every type of improv.
If you’re an improv nerd, this is one of the nerdiest ones out there with every step of the Harold broken down. There’s even an episode just on the Invocation. It’s filled with super helpful advice, great commentary and also had incredible production values. Give it a go!

For this week only we are offering the deal below to our readers! The deal will run between 9am on the 7th August until 7pm on the 13th August GMT time.
Anybody that buys any products through Rebeccas Younique ( https://m.facebook.com/groups/311438325948630) quoting “Phoenix” will be added into a free raffle exclusive for Phoenix viewers to Win our new Epic mascara! �Add 5 or more friends and have your name entered in twice!

Terms and conditions
Raffle will only take place if 10 people or more are entered. Unfortunately the deal is only open to those living in the UK.

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