Weekend lessons

This weekend we were lucky enough to have Moujan Zolfaghari visiting from the US. She joined us in our Sunday show and imprinted some of her experience on us. We were reminded how important point of view and beliefs are for our character in scenes. It’s all made so much simple when you know what your character you just created would do in that situation.

And Summer is over, or at least the bigger and better chunk of it, so you better work! It’s time to get back on it! Back to the daily grind, back to the office and back to the improv classroom!
This week’s C3? Tuesday Drop-In will be taught by Carleen Macdermid and is all drills and skills, so show up ready to work as we’ll be hitting it hard.

Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm, £12
The Nursery, Capital House, Weston Street, London Bridge, SE1 3QD
Reserve places here: http://c3something.com/#improv-drop-ins or just come along!

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