Big Characters

Our Sunday was once again gifted with a great JAM. We’ve tried a social experiment and it was great!
The Myers-Briggs personality test is not without controversy, but it’s certainly a good starting point to create teams for a jam, as the laughing crowd proved.

The audience went home happy with the fun night and with the learning experience we helped create, while getting everyone laughing!

Come back next Sunday!

Sunday 6pm – 8pm & 8pm – 10pm FREE
The Horse & Stables 122-124 Westminster Bridge Rd SE1 7RW


Tuesday drop in will be taught by Liam Brennan.
What better way to follow up on a personality based jam? Physical Characters!
Puff your chest, take tiny steps and curl your hands into fists. You’ve already given your scene partner so many gifts without saying a word!
Come explore how to use physicality to inspire your characters and scenes!

Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm, £12
The Nursery, Capital House, Weston Street, London Bridge, SE1 3QD
Reserve places here: http://c3something.com/#improv-drop-ins or just come along!

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