Today’s Featured Artist – INTERVIEW – Holte Jacques

Tell us about:

Your latest single you have released:

“What’s in a title? GETAWAY kinda sums it all up nicely for me! In short, GETAWAY tells a story, my story, or at least a small part. 

After navigating an extremely tough and challenging period in my life, this work reveals, through music and lyrics, a small piece of that journey – the happy conclusion ‘Leave behind the nights that I couldn’t sleep…’. 

GETAWAY bridges the gap between the final episode in that ‘box set’ of my life; and the unlikely fairy-tale ending to that period, ‘Live for every moment now’.  And so, the beginning of a new and exciting ‘box set’ starts and, this season, you can be part of the journey too! Join me on May 5th for episode one,, the release of ‘GETAWAY'”. 

Your first single and how you felt when it was released:

GETAWAY will be my first ever official release. I’ve had lots of ‘near misses’ over the years. Potential collaborations with some very high profile artists, and publishing opportunities. I’ve been in a few bands, a couple of which were almost signed. But, for whatever reason it wasn’t meant to be at that time. So, I decided to go it alone. I’m so excited, and nervous in equal measures, for the release of GETAWAY on May 5th. On the day I know my stomach will probably feel like a perfect storm of emotions. I’ll be intrigued to see what people’s thoughts and reactions are (if any – haha!) to what I’ve created.  

Obviously, I hope the track is well received. But, music is such a personal experience to the listener. I just hope it connects with a lot of people, and it gives them a little boost when they hear it; and if not I hope people can at least appreciate it for the amount of time, effort and love I’ve poured into it. Whatever happens, I know I’ll feel a huge sense of achievement on release day, and probably won’t be able to stop myself from smiling all day!

Your favourite song to play live:

Depends on the situation and the crowd to be honest.

The song that was the longest to write and why?

Like many artists, I’ve got tons of half finished tracks. Every now and then, I’ll have a mooch through, and pick up where I left off; or use it for inspiration, and take it in a completely different direction. I remember one such track that I started in 2013. I finished the work, found a vocalist in South Africa to collaborate with, and ended up finishing the track in 2015. 

Your most emotional track:

I collaborated with my long term best friend Grant Hudson. We been friends ever since high school, where we first met. We began producing bedroom demos at the tender age of thirteen, and haven’t stopped since. We collaborated on a beautiful song called All Those Things. Grant wrote the lyrics, the vocal melody, and  performed the vocal. And, I wrote and produced the music. 

# The best lyric you have ever written:
It comes from a a song that really tugs at the heart strings called Where Rainbows Hide. There’s so many great lines in that song so it’s hard to say. I’ll go with: 
So, let’s drift away, away on the tide,
And, you’ll take me there, where rainbows hide.

Describe the feeling you get when you walk on stage to do a show:

I’ve experienced this many times, in many guises. It never gets old! That feeling of pure excitement, nervous energy, butterflies, hope, and happiness. If the day ever comes and I don’t feel this mix of emotions, like – AS IF,  then I’ll know it’s time to stop. 

The hardest track to play live::

All of my tracks really, as I’m a one man band, and as such, have to record everything myself. So, I guess I’d pick something I could perform as an acoustic piano track. So, maybe All Those Things.

Essential items you always take on tour with you?

Can’t say I’ve ‘toured’ as such, but I’ve played at many Venus around the UK when I was with the bands. I remember I had a lucky book (notebook)! Yeah, I know, don’t ask – haha! Anyway, we (the band) were head-lining a venue, we’d played our set, and left the stage. The crowd was cheering for an encore, so we went back on stage; and when I got to my keyboard my note book was gone – shock, horror! I frantically looked around for it, but it was nowhere to be seen! We began playing,  still with me casting my eye around in case I could see it. And, then just when I’d given up hope, I saw two girls in the audience waving my little notebook at me laughing and giggling, whilst teasing me with it. Let’s just say it was a great Ice Breaker when we got off stage!

Describe your fans in three words:

As a new artist – Holte Jacques – I’m hoping to get a fan base in the first place – haha! I’m looking forward to the journey and getting to know my new fans. 

A song by another artist or band you wish you had written:

OMG, are you serious! There’s just too many! But, to avoid that cliche, let’s go for This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush. It’s just a totally gorgeous, emotional rollercoaster of a tune. One of my all time favourites! And, then just because I can, I’ll add a second, more modern offering of Blinding Lights, by The Weekend. It just such a great upbeat, feel-good track. Initially a slow burner, that has gone on to be the top Billboard Hot 100 song of all time!

What we can look forward to from you this year:

Well, GETAWAY was released May 5th, I’ve already got my next works finished and ready to go at a future date – TBC! After, a couple of very difficult years for me personally, I’ve recently hit a rich vein of inspiration and  currently making the most of it. I’ve written GETAWAY this year, and the next few works, and now writing tracks for later in the year. I’m looking to getting out, and maybe playing a few venues too, to help promote the forth coming releases – so watch this space!

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