Improv Corner – Learn From Your Pets

The one thing that I always love about improv is the element of play and escapism, it is one thing that makes it extra special. In the last seven months, I have become a pet owner once again. I did not have any pets for years as I love my rabbit after 9 years and it was so tragic that I could not face it again for a very long time. In the last seven months I have now two bundles of joy again and they make me so happy.

The one thing that I have learnt from having baby bunnies is that they love to play, even when they are being naughty they still ‘commit’ to what they are doing even when it is really bad or really silly. I think there is so much we can learn from the way pets play, especially when it comes to improv.

Sometimes with improv, we start to have fun and enjoy the game however, we can sometimes ‘freeze’ in a game and forget to commit when we start to feel silly we can stop being in the zone and sort of ruin the game.

That’s why I think looking at pets and the way they play, they just want to have fun. I always think that this is what improv is about – enjoying yourself and living in the moment and being silly whilst owning it.

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