Music Memories – This Week – Carousel

The one thing I love about music is that everyone has their own story to tell – the musician, the lyrics, the way the fans decipher them and also the way a song can also create a memory or a meaning to someone. That is what this new article is all about. Each fortnight, we will take a look at a different song and I will take you as a trip down memory lane as to what it means to me. Welcome to Music Memories.

Track: Carousel
Artist: Blink-182
Original Release Date: January 1994

I have been a fan of the band Blink-182 since the age of 14 years old and right from the start, I was a huge fan. I have always been somewhere who has played musical instruments since the age of three and since my teenage years I have been playing their songs on my keyboard.

However, by the age of 16/17 I was ‘desperate’ to learn the guitar. The first songs I learnt were Green Day (which you can read about here), however, the more I started to play, the more I learnt that there was more ways to play then chords and the first song I wanted to learn was Carousel by Blink-182.

I was fascinated by the introduction and was desperate to learn it so that’s what I did. I spent hours learning the introduction and I can play it off by heart even now. It brings back happy memories and makes me still love the fact that Tom Delonge made me want to play guitar.

Now, why do I love it? Well, it is unique, catchy and if you actually listen to Blink songs you can actually hear the melody hinted in many of their songs and it is sort of the main theme for the band.

Facts About Carousel

  •  It is the opening track on the group’s debut studio album, Cheshire Cat (1995)
  • The song originated during the first jam session between band members guitarist Tom DeLonge and bassist Mark Hoppus in August of 1992.
  • The song is composed in the key of D major and is set in common time. 
  • The song is about DeLonge feeling lonely and looking back at his school days nostalgically

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