Monthly Music Hitlist – April 2023

This year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. I am keeping a diary of tracks throughout the month that stand out to me so that I can put these selected tracks into an article for you! Here is this months hitlist

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12/4/23 – When Doves Cry, Prince & The Revolution

I am not someone who listens to Prince very often but when I do I can appreciate the music as he was such a talented musician. I decided to listen to this track the other day for the first time in ages and really enjoyed it all over again. It is a song that has a very catchy instrumental to it.

14/4/23- Loser Kid 2.0, Busted featuring Simple Plan

To celebrate the twenty years that the boyband Busted have been together, they have started to release new versions of tracks off of their first album. This is a song that they released with Simple Plan to celebrate the new versions of the tracks and whilst I was not really a fan of the original, they version with Simple Plan has made it sound more punk rocky then pop.

15/4/23 – Last Night On Earth, Waterparks

The band Waterparks released their new album and I really loved it and I found the song on the track that stood out to me the most was the last one as it travels through so many different genres in one song that it makes it incredibly striking and great as a song.

17/ 4/ 23 – Head In The Clouds, Arrows In Action

I came across this song by accident on a Spotify Playlist and I instantly really liked it and sort of reminded me of the ban All Time Low. It is a song that mixes acoustic and rock together really nicely. It has a really catchy chorus and it is a song that you should definitely check out.

21/4/23 – Tomorrow Never Comes, Rancid

The punk rock band Rancid released a brand new song and they also announced that they were going to release a brand new album as well. This song is catchy and is a reason why I like Rancid’s music. It has some fantastic guitar riffs and is a fun little song.

23/4/23 – My Number, Mendon Hale

This is the new single by Mendon Hale and it is really catchy and a great song to listen to. I have been a fan of Mendon’s music since he started creating country songs and I think that this is one of my favourite tracks that he has released so far. If you want to find out more about the musician you can by reading our interview that went out yesterday by clicking here.

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