100 Weeks Of Self Discovery

100 Weeks of Discovery! – Week 4 – Best Words To Describe Yourself

Welcome to a the feature that is going to run every other Tuesday on The Phoenix Remix! The strand Listed! has now come to an end, thank you for those who read it, however from now on we are going on a different adventure – welcome to the brand new feature called 100 Weeks of Discovery!

The shop Paperchase, is sadly coming to an end but in the weeks to the run up, I have been visiting to find out what books I can use to create articles from and luckily yet again, I was welcomed with a brand new one called A Pocketful of Self Discovery!

So for 100 weeks we are going to explore the prompts and see what happens! Enjoy!

Week 4 – Best Words To Describe Yourself


I would say this is a word that describes me probably more then any other one out there. I am always looking for the next project, adventure, idea that I can work on or create. I think having this as a word to describe yourself can be a good quality as it always pushes me to find a new project. I suppose in some ways, it can also be a sort of curse as you can constantly feel like you are hitting a sort of writers block and you are constantly looking to the future.


I like to think I am a friendly person, I love talking to people and finding all out about them – that is probably one of the reasons I run this website! I think there is nothing wrong with being the friendly one it is something that may be looked down by others but I really think there is too much nastiness in the world that I try to be nice one. You know what they say though, ‘nice girls finish last.’


I know I am a daydreamer and I live in my dreams a lot of the time as I am always thinking about what I can do next, the next big bucket list item and the next exciting thing. I think it is a good skill to have and I also discovered recently that it is actually a very common trait in Aquarians, that we live with our heads in the clouds. I don’t think it is a bad thing as it is a way to push yourself but it can also mean that sometimes things cannot always live up to what you want them to.

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