The Travel Book – Shoryu, Carnaby Street, London, United Kingdom

If you are heading to London anytime soon, there is a food hall that you should be checking out. Kingly Court is located in Soho just off of Carnaby Street and even though I used to live in London until 2022, I only heard about this place recently through a friend who had just moved to the capital. Today we are going to look at one of the restaurants that is available in the venue – Shoryu.

Now, it is important to say early on in this article that there are many locations for this restaurant around London and one in Manchester, however I am going to solely focus on the one that I had the pleasure to visit.

Shoryu is a popular Japanese restaurant and when we visited it, there was a queue to get a table inside. However, if you tell the waiter that you are happy to sit in an outside seated area then you can pretty much skip the line and get a table straight away.

There is many food options available but the star of the menu is the ramen and there are many different options available and you also have a menu option to choose how ‘hard’ your noodles are cooked in your dish. As well as ramen, there is also options for bao buns, katsu curry and lots of sides including Chicken Karage, Pork abd gyoza.

I visited this place in April of this year and I really enjoyed it as the food was so good. It is a place where there is tasty food, a great location and friendly staff, i would definitely go again.

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