Vox Pops Month – INTERVIEW – Improv Heroes and Performing Shows…

All this month we will be talking to the team Vox Pops to find out all about them and to discover even more about the improv scene in the city of Nottingham. This week we talk nothing but improv…

How long have you been doing improv for?

Across the team everyone has between 4- and 10-years experience. I think cumulatively we are at about 34 years!

What has been the most important lesson you have been taught whilst training?

Listen more and let the moment land!

Who are your improv heroes and why?

Heroes are such a tough thing to think about, and then we get the risk of gurufication. I think we all really respect the breadth of experiences we’ve had but we do have special friends across the country we make sure we gig with at least once a year. Long Boi and the Noise especially feature in the diary!

What are your aspirations as an improviser?

To have fun and bring the audience along with us on the ride. Maybe even make some art if the wind is in the right direction.

Which groups have been your favourites to see live and why?

That is tough. We love getting to see our guests smash it out of the park when they come to play with us, A lot of us were watching Impromptu Improv at the last Robin Hood International Improv Festival, that was really very special. A slow burn play that held the audience absolutely enraptured.

What is the best thing about the improv community in 2023?

It feels like there are more opportunities than ever and that is really exciting! 

If someone is thinking of doing improv, what advice would you give them?

Do it, find your fun and then find the people who find that fun.

Do you remember the first time you performed improv in front of an audience? Describe that feeling?

There are so many of us in the group and we all have different perspectives but common themes are the moment of finding your feet in a scene and getting that first laugh. It’s pure energy and gets you addicted straight away. When you start out at improv it is easy to get caught up in what your are doing as an individual before you learn to see the team as a whole

Your three favourite things about improv

The communality of the experience – everyone having the chance to work together to make stuff happen.

Finding the connections between things and finally entertaining people.

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