Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Songs! – This Week – Be Faithful

There are so many songs that are out there everywhere then all of a sudden they disappear and you only hear from them very rarely that they can create a sense of nostalgic for you, the listener. So roll up and welcome to Forgotten Songs where we celebrate these forgotten wonders.

Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop

Today we are heading back to the early noughties when a track hit the big time when it was re-released. Today we look at a song by Fatman Scoop that samples the track Love Like This by Faith Evans.

Be Faithful was originally released in March of 1999 and then it was re-released in October of 2003. The track was released under the record label of AV8 and produced by Dj Sizzahandz and DJ Riz.

The song did really well in the charts and went into the top 5 in many countries including Australia (5), Denmark (4), Ireland (1) and the UK singles chart (1).

From listening to this song, I remember it being so popular and it used to dominate the charts as it had a really strong bassline and catchy sound to the track. It was a track that was always played at school discos, parties and on the radio. It was a track that was very much a song that had a summer vibe and one that I would say was a ‘driving track’. I also had a very vivid memory of the music video when I heard it as I remember it being really weird and unusual. Listening to this track again brought back the memories of listening to it or hearing it.

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