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The Travel Book – Travel Through A Photo – Interlaken, Switzerland

There is always a story behind a photograph and I thought it would be a fun way to look at the world of travel. So, welcome to a new feature that will appear regularly this year in the travel section. Today we are going to kick things off by looking at one of my favourite photos.

Snow is a beautiful thing, especially abroad and it can lead to some wonderful photos. Some of my favourite pictures in this landscape, I have taken in Switzerland and today we take a look at the story behind this photograph that I took in the village of Interlaken.

It was December 2014 and were were travelling around the country of Switzerland solely by train. In those two weeks we did this, we travelled over 2,000 miles. Halfway through our journey, we decided to stop over at Interlaken. Up to this point in our journey we had neem around snow but it was mainly light or it was ice. The only time we started to experience the true, heavy snow was in Interlaken.

We were only there for 24 hours but that afternoon, it snowed really heavily. Carrying or dragging our suitcases in that sort of weather was absolute madness as it was incredibly difficult and it is definitely an experience I will not forget! However, when we were free of the suitcases and they were in the bed and breakfast, it was a magical experience!

This photograph was taken when the snow had finally stopped. I really love this picture as it is just so pretty. I love the reflections and when this photo is a lot larger you can really see the detail of the buildings in the icy water. It was on this trip that I started to notice that reflections in cold locations take amazing photographs as the snow really amplifies it.

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