Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW -Leaf UK

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to the band Leaf UK, their most recent album is MMXXIII and they are currently releasing one song every month for twelve months. Today, we find out about their favourite things about music.

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written:

Butterfingers. Massive catchy riff, horrible introspective and truthful lyrics. The ultimate bang your head and smash something up song.


AC/DC on Ain’t no fun waiting round to be a millionaire – 

And I got patches on the patches
On my old blue jeans
Well, they used to be blue
When they used to be new
When they used to be clean.

However, we all like the opening line to Frenzy by Iggy – “Got a dick and two balls”. Hilarious.


Lemmy. Rootsy, honest, gruff and nasty. You can always tell it is him and he wasn’t the best player, he just did the right thing for the song at the right time. That is our mantra…the song comes first.

Film or television show:

Trainspotting. Amazing film, great cinematography, ace music soundtrack and a message so deep and all-pervading that it puts you off drugs without shouting NO!

Venue to perform at:

The one where it is easy to load in, where the soundman is professional and not a frustrated musician who gets bitter when he realises that you are good. We are happy to play anywhere…apart from the place where the soundman etc. etc.

Item to take with you on tour

The Leaf squeaky pig is good company, it always sets Mark the drummer off and that is a big part of what being in this band is about …laughter.


My one guitar that I love has to be it. A special edition Daron Malakian Ibanez. Dreamy neck, lightweight…changed the crappy wiring though. But to be honest I am no muso and will play a plank if I have to. As long at it has got strings which I will break as I have all the finesse of a slightly annoyed gorilla.

Song to play live

Disruptor. A fantastic little 2 and ½ minutes of fizzy banger. It has a wicked little stop that Mark fills with the tiniest splash cymbal – I nearly wee myself every time he does it.

Album by another musician:

Brutalism by Idles. That album lifted me out of a spiral if inward hurt and shame. Made me sit up, bite my lip and spit blood at all the right-wing narcissists that run the UK.

Memory of tour:

Playing a gig in a famous London punk club in the early 90s. We were going down a storm until a right drunk numpty walked in and started giving us grief in between songs. Halfway through a song the drummer at the time, Johnny, jumps up but we don’t break off and confronts him, then jumps back up for the chorus. We didn’t hear another squeak from the guy. Hee hee. Johnny hit the drums harder than a steam hammer.

Era for music:

All of them. I can name amazing music from every era that I would listen to now. I get frustrated when I hear some bands peddling the same stuff and not moving on a little and incorporating some of the feel from other eras. 

Part of making a record:

I love recording and stay for every moment of the process. I used to be a sound engineer and love tech and sounds. The best part is allowing Jonny Price our producer his input and see what he comes up with – he always opens a new avenue of creativity (talented git).

Thing about performing at festivals:

Performing in the day and seeing the audience, smashing it, getting drunk and seeing the other acts. Best of all worlds. Mark is not keen on the toilets though.


Life is a tale told by idiots, full of bluff and bluster, but ultimately leading to nothing. No idea who it is by, but it sums up my frustration. I also like “it is only work” by a former boss called Knopka who reset my attitude to work and stress. Smash the system!

Thing about the music industry at the moment:

The industry itself is just as self-absorbed and crap as it has always been, full of talentless w***** who have the ability to cut you off with impunity. However, whilst the giant b****** that are the music services like Spotify and iTunes screw you over for money, the ability to listen to so much amazing music is just exhilarating. However for a fidget like me, I just go through multiple songs an hour trying to find more and more amazing new stuff. It is not as relaxing as putting on a vinyl and chilling out.

Thing about this year so far?

Releasing our songs and seeing the spread of the love all around the world. Here’s to the rest of 2023!


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