Vox Pops Month – INTERVIEW – Mind ‘Fizzing’ and Stylistic Work…

All this month we will be talking to the team Vox Pops to find out all about them and to discover even more about the improv scene in the city of Nottingham. This week we find out all about the team…

How did the idea for your show that the Vox Pops perform?

The Vox Pops came about because of a love of sketch comedy and improv. It is definitely inspired by Armando shows from the UK and USA but we also want to tell interesting stories in our sketches as well so it isn’t just gag gag gag, you will find proper emotion there too.

Tell us a little bit about each member of the team!

Our team is amazing a real blend of skills to make something grander than it’s parts. Ben’s a verbose nitwit who drags the audience into his daydreams. With the improv style of a monkey in a hot bath, Josie often alarms and delights in equal measure. Known locally as the c**nt witch Julie likes to litter pick but with her gloves on to stop her spells causing needless havoc off stage…when she grows up she wants to be a ballet dancer.

Sabine‘s improv personality comes out best when she impersonates a salad. Our Ulsterman Lee is a stranger in a strange land, trying to make it that bit stranger Jamie is a theatre, comedy and D&D enthusiast, and when he grows up, he wants to be Doctor Who and Always scrupulously clean, Stags likes to think he puts the “Prim” into “Improvisor”

How do you rehearse for a show?

When we rehearse we usually focus on format skills and stylistic work, everyone on the team has such a good grounding in the core skills that when we rehearse we tend to spend it fine tuning.

How much do you rehearse?

We don’t rehearse too much, everyone is involved in other improv projects so we try to keep our time together playful.

Are there any specific games that you use in rehearsal to help out?

We really like to do an 8 things into freeze tag so that our minds are fizzing when we get to show time.

How do you wind down after you have done a show?

Usually there’s a lot of “Well Done – I loved it when you” s and then its normally a quick drink in the pub!

What is your favourite thing about performing?

Getting to play together is pretty amazing, there are so many different senses of play and humour that work together in our show its always exciting to see what we come up with as a team

And the most challenging?

Letting go of an idea – we want to make sure we use all different parts of a monologue when we perform and its always tough to let go of a fun detail if someone else gets there first.

What have been your favourite shows to date and why?

Our Show fo the MisssImp 20th birthday party in 2018 was special. We had a local legend Annie Spaziano as our story teller and it ended up with us becoming a live album cover on stage.

Where can people find out more about you on social media?

We can be found on Facebook and Instagram –

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