100 Weeks Of Self Discovery

100 Weeks of Discovery! – Week 3 – Three Cherished Value

Welcome to a brand new feature that is going to run every other Tuesday on The Phoenix Remix! The strand Listed! has now come to an end, thank you for those who read it, however from now on we are going on a different adventure – welcome to the brand new feature called 100 Weeks of Discovery!

The shop Paperchase, is sadly coming to an end but in the weeks to the run up, I have been visiting to find out what books I can use to create articles from and luckily yet again, I was welcomed with a brand new one called A Pocketful of Self Discovery!

So for 100 weeks we are going to explore the prompts and see what happens! Enjoy!

Week 3 – Three Cherished Value

1) Optimism

To me, I think optimism is something that I aim to always be a strong part of my character. I try to look at everything from the best perspective in life, however, sometimes it can be really difficult. I try to live by the mantra that everything happens for a reason but even when things are falling apart at times it can be really difficult but you just got to keep pushing through.

2) Creativity

I have always been a very creative person and love trying new projects. I really enjoy being creative as it pushes me to always try something new. The thing I love about being creative is that there is always new ideas to be discovered and new ideas to be explored.

3) Hardworking

Something that I have always prided myself on is that I am a hardworking individual and love looking to aim for the stars. Being busy is something that pushes me to keep going with all the projects I want to be a part of and finding something new to do as well.

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