Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW -Lee O’Nell Blues Gang

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to the band Lee O’Nell Blues Gang. Their latest album is This Is US which was released late last year. I spoke to the group to find out their favourite things about the music industry.

What is your Favourite:  

Song you have written  

Lionel: « You don’t know who I am » . This one is a varied combination of different  influences. A texan boogie style riff, a bit like Thin Lizzy rock which brings the guitar solo in the  spirit of Joe Bonamassa, a keyboard sound in the vein of Deep Purple and Gipsy’s voice with  Ronnie James Dio intonations…  


Gipsy: « When you were a child », a song for my Léa, my daughter. I think most of  parents can recognize themselves in this song, because it’s about the time that takes our kids  away from us. They grow up, they become adult and life makes us remember the lovely times of  their childhood when their only world was us… A melancholy song without any sadness, only  loving moments.  


Lionel: Joe BONAMASSA  

Gipsy: Jade MACRAE, she’s a fabulous Australian singer and also background vocalist for Joe  Bonamassa. She is now a friend and she has accepted to write with me « Just need a prayer »,  the last track of our album « This is us » .  

Film or television show  

Lionel: Rear Window , Alfred Hitchcock  

Gipsy: Gone with the wind, Victor Fleming  

Venue to perform at  

Lionel: Unfortunately we’ve only performed in France since the birth of Lee O’Nell Blues Gang.  We hope to cross the French borders to meet European audience and much more interesting  venues… I mean audience that really have the Blues Rock Culture !  

Gipsy: It doesn’t matters as long as I know my mother is in the audience !  

Item to take with you on tour  

Lionel: As many guitars as the van can hold ! 

Gipsy: A lot of candies and RedBull while I drive the van !! 


Lionel: Electric guitar of course !! 

Gipsy: I studied classical piano when I was 6 to 12 years old. But now, I love electric guitar too,  maybe because I share Lionel’s life !! 

Song to play live  

Lionel: « Never again » from our first album « Different Shades Of Love ». For its meaning and  for the atmosphere we bring on stage. 

Gipsy: Yes, the same « Never again », a song I wrote about domestic violences made against  women.  

Album by another musician  

Lionel: « Crown » by Eric Gales. 

Gipsy: « Handle me with care » by Jade MACRAE. This album really calms me when I need  serenity. It moves my soul. 

Memory of tour  

Lionel: Haha ! The morning when our bass player thought the van has just been stollen under  his eyes, whereas Gipsy went to buy croissants for breakfast…  

Era for music  

Lionel: I’ve got plenty, in each era there were such good things and artists ! Gipsy: The 50’s and 60’s in USA , the birth of Rock ’n roll 

Part of making a record  

Lionel: I like every part, they are all very important so I enjoy every step. 

Gipsy: When I get the CD in my hands, I feel it’s time for thinking about the next one ! But every  step is so exciting, working on lyrics, looking for the good melody, working on background  vocals, even working on the art work… Each aspect is exciting and the adventure couldn’t be  the same if we didn’t live them at 100%  

Thing about performing at festivals  

Lionel: To be openers for a great band or artist allows you to meet each time more and more  artists that you are fan. As an example, we will soon be openers for Ana Popovic and The Cinelli  Brothers… we are impatient.  

Gipsy: Festivals allow musicians to meet more audience, sometimes people who are here for  another band but kindly come to you saying they enjoyed to discover you !  


Lionel: I will try to translate it for you « don’t wait tomorrow for what you can do today » 

Gipsy: I translate too, but don’t know if you know this French quote: « Help yourself and heaven  will help you » because in that music jungle, nobody is really here to help you…  

Thing about the music industry at the moment  

Lionel: Internet and the social medias to make our music travel the world. Gipsy: Yes, internet and the window it opens to the world. We’re very happy when we see  orders by mail from Canada, Minnesota or Cuba !  

Thing about this year so far?  

Lionel: We’ve just started to promote our second album, so now we ca have view on the Whole  Europa, USA etc… Answering so manu Q/A, reading review of our album. That’s awesome Gipsy: All the radio shows all over the world who play our music ! Belgium, England, Canada,  USA, Germany …


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