Sunday Book Club – James Acaster’s Guide to Quitting Social Media, James Acaster

Every Sunday we are taking a look at the world of books. I read a lot and always want to share my opinions on what I read, so I thought it would be fun to write reviews. Today we are looking at the book James Acaster’s Guide to Quitting Social Media

James Acaster’s Guide to Quitting Social Media (2022)

James Acaster


This is a self-help book like no other. Because you are not helping yourself, James Acaster is helping you.

In 2019, James quit all forms of social media – covering his phone in tar and driving it to a lock-up in Rhyl, before setting up home in a castle he’d built himself called Castle Anti-Net. But when the withdrawal symptoms hit him, he realised in order to stay clean he’d have to replace everything social media gave him with three-dimensional, real-life activities.

Employing the help of a mysterious, wealthy benefactor named Clancy Dellahue, and an ever-growing gang of misfits (aka the Tangfastic Crew), James found ways to replace his online friends (he joined the scouts) and spy on his exes (climbing ropes, zip lines, fake moustache) as well as anonymously bullying strangers, seeing photos of everyone’s dogs, getting public figures fired, arguing with everybody about everything, and so much more.

– from Waterstones

Positive Points

If you are looking for a fictitious book that takes you on a journey through random events then you will enjoy this book as there are a lot of stories that go into to making this book what it is. Everything from dramatic adventures on MySpace to finding new ways to keeping in contact with friends since you are not on social media anymore.

Negative Points

I have been a fan of James Acaster since the early years, way back before he was the huge comedian he is today. For someone who has been a fan of his for years, I have found this book incredibly difficult to read as it is made up of so many made up stories it is hard to really care about the story as it is promoted as a factual book. I found it so hard to read that I had to stop halfway through.

Overall Review

When I found this book in the self help section of the library I was very surprised – this should not be in that section at all. I am glad that I am not a person in need of help because this book is not useful at all and whilst it is all in a comical way to make light of a subject it won’t help people trying to find a solution to stepping away from social media and the title leads them astray. I have read every book by Acaster and I have to say this is the weakest and also I find that it is a book I just cannot connect with, sadly.

Rating : * 1 Star

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