Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – Nightbird Casino

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to the band Nightbird Casino and their recent release is Sunglasses After Sex and can be listened to here. We find out all about their favourite things about the music industry.

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written:

Tie between The Squid and Catharsis Train


It’s really hard to choose one but I really like please explore my love’s endurance and stay / please enjoy my love’s exhortations / no fucking way from Try It On by Interpol.


Thom Yorke

Film or television show:

Dark, the German Netflix series

Venue to perform at:

Any venue with a stage big enough to fit all of our gear is wonderful

Item to take with you on tour:

All of my pedalboards of course!


Aside from instruments I play, I am very fond of cellos, celestas, and bassoons.

Song to play live:

Radio Anxiety – that’s a new one we haven’t released yet but we’ve been playing it live for the last year

Album by another musician:

I can’t pick just one sorry: A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead, Diorama by Silverchair, Interpol by Interpol

Memory of tour:

This was another band, on another tour, many years ago: writing a song in a New Jersey hotel room at 3am with all of us on acoustic guitars (including our drummer) after smoking in our U-Haul in the parking lot.

Era for music:

I try not to fall into the trap of thinking one era is better than another. I love music that was released last month, I love music from the 1400s.

Part of making a record:

Mixing for sure! For me, it’s the part where you finally get to hear the work pay off. At that point you’ve been writing forever, you’ve rehearsed, you’ve laid down the best possible takes and now you’re hearing all that come together. It’s pretty magical.

Thing about performing at festivals:

The energy from the crowds


“Surely everyone realizes, at some point along the way, that he is capable of living a far better life than the one he has chosen” – Henry Miller, from Big Sur and the Oranges of Heironymous Bosch

Thing about the music industry at the moment:

The fact that you can build an audience without having a major label behind you

Thing about this year so far?

The world is going to shit but I quit smoking last month, that was awesome for me

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