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The Travel Book – Beaulieu National Motor Museum, Hampshire, United Kingdom

If you are a fan of motor cars then this week you are going to get really excited about what we are going to discuss on the Travel Book as we are heading to Hampshire to look at a particular museum. I have visited this before when I was an activity leader for a summer school and whilst I am not the greatest fans of cars, I found it really interesting.

Beaulieu National Motor Museum is located in the New Forest, which is a reasonable drive from Bournemouth, Southampton and Winchester. The easiest way to get to the tourist attraction is via car however you can get there via public transport you have to visit the website to find out the easiest way for you.

So why should you head to the New Forest to visit this museum, well there is a lot that this place has to offer, even if you are not into cars or motors. Now, if you are a fan of cars then there is a lot on offer for you – there are a lot of exhibitions for you to see including cars from the museum trust, cars from television, cars from Top Gear and from early years and the developments through history.

If you are not a fan of motor cars then do you not fear as there is also a lot on offer for you as well – there is a monorail that travels around the whole park, giving you great views from above, a millpond walk, the wilderness garden and a Victorian kitchen garden just to name a few of the activities!

I visited this museum in 2011 and while it was a long time ago I am sure that I would still enjoy my visit if I went today. There is something for the whole family and there are a lot of cars from the television shows that you ay enjoy seeing as well. It is a place that is a very fun place to spend the day and there is also a lot of places you can sit outside as well if you go on a summers day. I would recommend this museum as you will enjoy it.

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