Improv Community Heroes: Noel Curry

We love touring Sex, Lies & Improvisation and teaching workshops round the country, especially when we get to visit other improv communities. We’ve noticed that improv scenes usually require someone to do all the boring bits so that the rest of us get to have fun. Let’s celebrate those people with this blog series. 

Everybody, these are…The Improv Community Heroes!

Hero Fact File

Name: Noel Curry

Location of Hero-ing: Leeds

Jams: The Leeds Improv Comedy Jam is on the first Sunday of every month from 7.30pm downstairs at The Box, 15 Infirmary St, Leeds LS1 2JS.

Troupe: Run Riot

Podcast: Free Yorkshire Radio

Rachel: Tell us about improv in Leeds.

Noel: The Leeds scene is small but (hopefully) burgeoning. The pandemic finished a few groups off, but there are regular courses running around the city, so it feels like a lot of new people are coming into the scene.

Rachel: The pandemic did a good job of breaking up communities, including improv scenes. How have you got your scene up and running again?

Noel: It’s been very stop/start since the end of the pandemic and audiences have been slow to return. And the Jam had to pause for while because the ceiling of our previous venue collapsed! However, it feels like 2023 is when we’ll pick up momentum again. Our group Run Riot has a new monthly show, the Jam has a new central venue at The Box and I know of other new groups forming and an improv drop-in that will hopefully start soon.

Rachel: Who should give the Leeds Improv Comedy Jam a go?

Noel: Anyone who wants to. It’s a very funny show and if you’re an improviser, then you can stick your name in the bucket for the jam.

Rachel: What top tips can you offer other improv communities?

Keep plugging away. We’re not in this for money, so we might as well enjoy it. It’s important to surround yourself with enthusiastic, supportive folk.

Rachel: What do you love about this game?

Noel: Seeing someone get a big laugh whilst doing their first ever improv scene is always a big thrill.

Rachel: And what’s difficult about being an improv community hero?

Being stopped for the constant selfies can be a bit trying if I’ve got a busy day…

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