The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Don’t Go By Car – Walk!

Cars, they make everything easier and give you the freedom to go anywhere you want. I currently do not drive so when I am abroad or even on holiday in the UK, I have to rely on public transport. However, in that time I have learnt some really valid lessons and also have discovered that sometimes public transport can be your friend!

Over the last month we have spoken about different modes of transport to take instead of a car, well today we are going to talk about something else you can do – walk! I know you cannot walk everywhere but you can sometimes find amazing views. It can also lead you to seeing some things you cannot witness by public transport. Here are a few examples.

Rome, Italy

A lot of the places to see in Rome you have to go by foot to see them at the best. There is so much to see and in the busy traffic it can be really easy to miss when you are travelling through, also whilst you are concentrating on the crazy traffic you will miss a lot of what the city has to offer. I mean, even the Trevi Fountain is down a side street that you will miss it if you do not walk!

Geiranger, Norway

There area lot of great ways to see places in Norway but the one place I will not forget is Geiranger. It was an amazing place to visit and there was so many places to walk around and explore that you would miss if you were to go by car. It has stunning views and in the silence of the hills with the odd sheep baa it is enchanting.

London, United Kingdom

There are so many places in London that are great to see but you only do it when you are walking about the capital and when you have to pay to drive in London it makes so much more sense to walk! There are so many places that are hidden from the road that you would not even know are there unless you walk! There are hidden ears on the wall in Soho, a road named after Disney in London Bridge and even history left behind everywhere you walk! You would not see any of these from the transport.

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