Welcome To It’s A Trap Month!

Welcome to March, it is very nearly spring and we have some fantastic content coming up for you this month, starting with our feature of the month which is all based on Star Wars!

All this month we are talking to MissImp, an improv team based in Nottingham and this year they are taking their show on the road! The team have a show called It’s A Trap The Improvised Star Wars show and this year they are performing in many locations including The Brighton Fringe. We speak to the team all month to find out about the show, rehearsals and favourite things about Star Wars.

Another thing I am excited to announce this month is that a popular feature by Rachel Thorn is returning as well – with the fantastic feature Improv Community Heroes. Each week, Rachel will be talking to a member of the Improv Community and what it takes to run an improv team behind the scene.

The last thing to announce this month is that the fortnightly feature Listed! has now ended and we are going to welcome a brand new feature instead called 100 Weeks of Discovery! The shop Paperchase, is sadly coming to an end but in the weeks to the run up, I have been visiting to find out what books I can use to create articles from and luckily yet again, I was welcomed with a brand new one called A Pocketful of Self Discovery!

So there is a lot to look forward to over this month!

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