Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – Novacrow

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to the band Novacrow about what is their favourite things.

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written

As much of a cop out as this may be, I do think ‘Medusa Medusa’ has to be one of my favourites. It’s a perfect collaboration between myself and Kitty and I feel it really plays to both of our strengths in so many ways. Plus I got to write full brass sections and I threw in a marimba in there, how cool is that?


‘BEER!!!’ by Psychostick:

Beer is good
Beer is good
Beer is good
And stuff


Devin Townsend

Film or television show

Avata: The Last Airbender. I mean the show, of course.

Venue to perform at

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is such a beautiful venue, it’s be great to play there.

Item to take with you on tour

Nintendo Switch. There is SO much time to kill on tour that you need something to keep you sane.


Bass. It’s the only instrument that actually matters when you think about it.

Song to play live

I’ve really enjoyed playing the song ‘It’s Alive’ off our upcoming album ‘Look At Me Now’ in these past few songs. It’s just such a banger, and the parts are so fun to play.

Album by another musician

‘Alien’ by Strapping Young Lad

Memory of tour

We arrived several days in advance when we played Winter Days of Metal in Slovenia a few years ago so we could enjoy the village for a bit and that was great. It immediately started snowing and the whole place looked like something straight out of a Disney film. And then I went and spoiled it all by wearing a banana costume all day.

Era for music

All of it. All of it is good.

Part of making a record

The best part is hitting the studio to record, knowing full well that you learned the S*** out of your parts and you can just rock up and do your thing. Although because I usually produce almost everything I play on, the recording process is very much tainted by the fact that I have to continue to work with other musicians and edit everyone’s parts and whatnot.

Thing about performing at festivals

When you play at festivals, you KNOW that people are there to have a good time. Nobody just rocked up because they had nothing better to do, nobody is sat there wishing they were at home (unless you’re a particularly bad performer), everyone is there to have fun and fuck around. Which means YOU can fuck around and have fun as well.


“There are two types of people in this world: people with hemorrhoids, and people who are going to get hemorrhoids” – I can’t remember

Thing about the music industry at the moment

The fact that there is SO much awesome music out there at the moment. And it’s all at your disposal. That’s awesome!

Thing about last year?

We got to play Bloodstock 2022, which was fantastic. Despite the blistering heat, we got to bring two inflatable 6” tall t-rexes on stage with us, I got to tear off my Velcro pants mid set, and everyone seemed to have had a blast. It was great!

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